Embroidery Detail Out of a love for detail and heritage technique, our signature stitch was born. Inspired by the ancient art of Kantha - a quilting method originally from West Bengal, our double sided surface stitch results in something beautiful and unique. 

Kantha translates to “patched cloth”, which refers to the tradition of producing beautiful, useful quilts out of saris that would have otherwise been discarded, as well as the craft itself: a small straight and recurring running stitch. The bright colored prints from saris layered beneath multi-colored stitching creates a visually exciting effect, which is replicated throughout our embroidered swimwear.  
The seventy one swim surface stitch assists in slimming one’s figure without compromising fit, flexibility, or stretch. The silky soft threads weave into both sides of our reversible swimwear creating a multi colored, tactile experience, no matter which side you wear it.  

By modernizing its application, our inherent goal is to preserve this and other historical techniques by giving it new life. Each of our garments are a unique and individually crafted work of art.

Hand embroidered by artisans, no two are exactly alike.